Moving On

One thing I've noticed is that people don't want to hang out on a dentist's website. I don't blame them. We can pay a large amount of money to developers to create a website that is beautiful, functional, and helpful but, in the end, it's still a dental website. Outside of dental professionals, the audience for that kind of content is out of necessity or, perhaps, an eclectic mix.

If you visited the website we used the last twelve months, it was great. The developer was helpful and thorough. They responded quickly to my queries and concerns. I always spoke with someone in person within the day--usually right away. But, in the end, I couldn't justify the price any longer. I discovered that most people used my website simply to find my phone number or address. The very small number that found me via an organic search for a "dentist in Boulder" or other search phrase, could be counted on one finger. While the company I worked with did some good at placing my website high in search terms with Google and other services, couldn't get past the fact that most people weren't looking for a new dentist that way. At least not here. And, if they were, they were asking their friends for a recommendation.

We've been fortunate with a fantastic patient family! Our best and most frequent new patients come via referral from friend, family member, or work acquaintance who trust us and value the work we do to promote their oral health. Thanks to each of you for your trust. If you find your way to this website and this particular blog post some day, you're the reason we are able to keep working.

The site you are visiting now is of my own making via a website development--well, website. We hope it is informative. At the very least, I hope finding our contact information and location is simple enough. We know it won't be a social networking site on which anyone will want to spend any time or attention, but maybe it can be informative and express our gratitude.

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