Diastema Pre Treatment
Space between front teeth with missing filling on tooth #9 and discolored resin filling on tooth #8
Diastema Closure with Resin Filling
After making a wax up and forming a stent to aid in shaping the filling, we bonded and layered resin composite to close the space between her front teeth to her satisfaction.
Before Esthetic Resin Space Closure
Stained restoration and reshaping of canines with composite resin
After Space Closure and Recontouring
Notice the space between canines and lateral incisors. Much more appealing color and shape.
Before: Fractured Lateral Incisor
Lost filling and fractured enamel on tooth #10.
After Composite Restoration
Restored worn tooth #10 at gum line and incisally. The patient wanted to return to do the same for teeth 8 and 9.
Esthetic Resin Filling Before
Fractured filling tooth #9
Esthetic Resin Filling After
Restored with Filtek Supreme Ultra composite. Contoured to fit existing bite and reduce risk of future fracture.
Emax Esthetic Veneer Before
Severe attrition/wear of incisal edges and facial surface. Shortened teeth that discouraged the patient from smiling for the photo
Emax Esthetic Veneer After
Final veneers on four anterior teeth just after bonding procedure. The patient was more excited to smile for this photo.
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Esthetic Resin Filling Before

Fractured filling tooth #9